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Entrepreneurial Capacity-building for Sport


Inhibitors, challenges and drivers of dual-career for athletes.

Inhibitors, challenges and drivers of dual-career for athletes.

Date: 2022-10-04

After the official launch of ENDURANCE, partners kick-started immediately with the implementation and development of the second intellectual output of the project which included and detailed and comprehensive mapping of

• best practices/case studies in linking sports and entrepreneurship for sustainable careers,
• systemic pathways from sports to business,
• role models and success stories,
• gaps in current entrepreneurship training for (future) sportsmen and sports students.

The objective of ENDURANCE’s project is in fact the valorisation and validation at EU level of a training curricula designed to ignite and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of athletes (former, in-career and students), enhance even further their dual-career opportunities, and build for themselves interesting capacity building paths.

The final result is represented by the following deliverables:

• Report on Commonalities between Sport and Entrepreneurship
This aggregated report collects and summarizes the findings from eight ENDURANCE project partners’ Country Notes on Commonalities between Sport and Entrepreneurship in their respective countries or territories.
• List of Recommendations and Success/Failure Factors (SFFs) in linking Sports and Entrepreneurship
This document collects and summarizes the recommendations and critical factors for smooth link between sports and entrepreneurship to boost and advance entrepreneurial spirit and promote entrepreneurial pathways for sports community, as well as the impediments of such interlink.
• Academic Literature Review Executive Summary
This document reviews the coverage of existing academic literature on commonalities and overlaps between the domains of sports and entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on three aspects of such overlaps, namely personality traits, other individual-level factors, and pathways from sports to entrepreneurship.
Additional resources for users’ consultation are also:
• Role Models and Case Studies
• Aggregated report (and executive summary)
The main aim of the report is to provide an informed insight within the area under investigation for the next stages of the project. In addition, its purpose is to inform project stakeholders and a broader audience in sports and entrepreneurship communities about the first advances of the ENDURANCE project.
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